Blood Compact, A sign of Boholano Hospitality

This well-known monument in scenic surrounds is a statue depicting a famous blood compact from 1565.  The contracting parties would cut their wrists and pour their blood into a cup filled with liquid, such as wine, and drink the mixture. Where? See also: The Sandugo Festival Maybe your last stop for this tour is a short stop at…… Continue reading Blood Compact, A sign of Boholano Hospitality

The Sandugo Festival

Celebrate Sandugo Festival 2017 It’s time of the year’s most colorful festival celebration in the whole province of Bohol. But only few of us really know the real history of the said festival. What does it represents? Where did it came from? And Why we celebrate? The Blood Compact Shrine Sandugo History See also: Blood Compact,…… Continue reading The Sandugo Festival

Tagbilaran’s hiding voices

If you are in Tagbilaran City, having a date with your love ones, family or friends, Plaza Rizal Park is the most convenient venue for you. There are lots of bleachers in the area where you can comfortably stay and relax. But of course don’t forget to bring some bird seeds so that you can…… Continue reading Tagbilaran’s hiding voices