Bohol International Fusion Nights Kicks-Off

Script from the Bohol International Fusion Night’s Facebook Page The Sandugo International Fusion Nights this year, will be joining the SANDUGO NIGHT MARKET* on these dates: JULY 21-30, 2017** (10 NIGHTS) We are inviting all food-preneurs, resorts, hotels, restaurants, expats, artists, and start-ups to join the 4th Year, and 7th Run of the International Fusion…… Continue reading Bohol International Fusion Nights Kicks-Off

Behold Bohol App , Easy Guide for Tourists

Since the launching of the “Behold Bohol” branding of the Bohol Tourism last February, tourists all around the world are having its way to Bohol not just for a short vacation but also to enjoy the numerous numbers of beautiful eco-tourism destination in the province. Hundreds of ¬†excited flocks per day are arriving the vicinity…… Continue reading Behold Bohol App , Easy Guide for Tourists