The Golden Talent of “Teatro Bulawanon”

We can’t deny the fact that Boholanos are known for its world-class talents. We have individuals who shines in different fields of arts, entertainments and sports. One of these example is the youth-organized performers such as the Loboc Children’s Choir who participated not just in events inside the country but also internationally. We have local singers and performers who also successfully put their names into stardome.

In other hand, we also have a home-grown talents who silently growing fast and start building their names in some occasions, events and invitations from the top events in the province.
I am referring to the Teatro Bulawanon Dance Troupe.
What is Teatro Bulawanon Dance Troupe?
It is a dance company from the golden town of Bohol; Sierra Bullones!
It was founded last March 16, 2017 by no other than Mr Eric Tiongco Balili.
The Troupe aims to developed talented (young) individuals in the town of Sierra Bullones and produced top choreographers. The Troupe continues with its dance productions and trainings that makes the troupe a venue for dance development, artistic expressions and local-national pride!
Their performances includes the highlights of their debut as hired performers of BQ Night at Poblacion, Pilar, Bohol last October 11, 2017, and Sierra Bullones LGU Night last November 29, 2017.
If you want to hire them as your guest performers  in any occasions please don’t hesitate to contact their manager. Click this link.

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