Behold Bohol App , Easy Guide for Tourists

Since the launching of the “Behold Bohol” branding of the Bohol Tourism last February, tourists all around the world are having its way to Bohol not just for a short vacation but also to enjoy the numerous numbers of beautiful eco-tourism destination in the province. Hundreds of  excited flocks per day are arriving the vicinity of Tagbilaran where domestic flights have grown so fast in the last 6 months. The numbers of foreign and local tourists are promising. Some are via sea vessels through the pier of Tagbilaran from the different parts of the Philippines. This is how busy Bohol is on the top of  the tourism sectors.

The Official Logo of Behold Bohol Tourism Campaign

Meanwhile, to address the needs of tourists and visitors, a Bohol-based App Developer TarShare and Bohol Association of Hotels, Resorts, and Restaurants (BAHRR) developed and launched a mobile application earlier this Wednesday, a virtual tour guide for locals and visitors alike.

Thomas Ridenour of TarShare designed the mobile app to assist its users in locating tourist destinations, restaurants, resorts, dive sites, tours such as island hopping and various rentals.

This can be downloaded through the App Store for iPhones and Google Play for android phones.

Emergency contact numbers such as those of the Philippine National Police and the Bureau of Fire Protection are also listed in the app. Dates and information on fiestas in the province are also among the app’s features. Bohol has been known for its celebration of fiestas of towns and villages and household feasts during the event.

Aside from reading blogs all about Bohol, this App is also a great help in leveraging your effort with limitless possibilities in discovering the best in Bohol the most. The app aims to list all Boholano tourist spots, hotels and resorts, restaurants, food avenues, events and many other important things about Bohol.
Maybe there are lots of challenges that we are facing right now but we are still firm and strong enough to mold our beliefs that Boholanos are mighty even in times of terror threats. It can’t do anything with that in terms of progress. Boholanos stand together as one.
We are also encouraging everyone to get your business listed on the App so that it would be more visible to our visitors worldwide.
So what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD NOW for FREE! Behold Bohol 
Do you have something to share about a certain thing that is new in town? A tourist destination perhaps, a food canopy or a place to chill-on. Just comment below. Share now.

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