Tagbilaran’s hiding voices

They can freely walks play just like humans do.

If you are in Tagbilaran City, having a date with your love ones, family or friends, Plaza Rizal Park is the most convenient venue for you. There are lots of bleachers in the area where you can comfortably stay and relax. But of course don’t forget to bring some bird seeds so that you can feed and witness directly these colorful lovely pigeons who’s now occupying the area. They certainly live in the trees in the plaza and even creating some holes in the patio just to have some comfort of a living.

These pigeons are remarkably one of the highlights. They are to tame that they can even flop in your shoulder. Hang in your hands and dive like a jet plane. In other words, they are very entertaining.

This is the common and typical scenario when you tried to visit and stayed for a while in the wide area of Plaza Rizal Park of Tagbilaran City. This is the most favorite dating area of lovers and other passers by who needs an ample rest and time to chit-chat.

When city lights are on, these creatures are extremely hibernating and you can’t even had a chance to see them all. But when the sun goes up, these pigeons are commonly occupying the spaces, looked like they are communicating each other, hop here, hop there.

I realized that these creatures are extremely more important just like the other icons in the city. They merely live in the streets from decades to decades. They just don’t merely transfer to another area as to look for their own habitat. They live here because they feel that they are important to people who passed by and feed them with chips and the likes.

There’s one time that I witnessed, a street sweeper tried to capture a white one and sell it to wedding suppliers (my friend is the wedding supplier). The wedding will happen to be celebrated in the Cathedral where just a few walks away from the plaza. A good business could be. A pigeon  is used as a props to be thrown together by the couples after the wedding ceremony. After the service offered by the pigeons, they just simply go back to the plaza where their friends awaits them. They are like props for hire. And it saddened me a bit.

They should normally live like an ordinary human being but sad to say they can’t.


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